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About Greener Valley

The founder of Greener Valley Trading, Dave Heifetz, has been in the sustainable industry for 40 years. He started out recycling old clothes and later started travelling the world to see what sort of sustainable products were out there. Our focus continues to be seeking out products that are recycled, sustainable or renewable. We look for high quality products that are unique in the marketplace and carry great value.

In 2018 Dave chose to retire and pass on his business and knowledge to Gary Nixon. Having taken Gary to meet with his suppliers in China and Vietnam Gary was able to see firsthand the stories of local villages working together to support each other making these environmentally friendly products. In some cases these villages have been working these crafts for over 300 years.

The Greener Valley Trading commitment is to be eco-friendly and trade fairly with the makers of these products. Wherever possible we make sure those making the products are being paid fairly for their work and that our business helps support their local economy. We partner with them to make sure the products made are safe for the environment and support families working together.

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